Celebrate Loy Kratong in Sareeraya Villas & Suites

Loy Kratong “the festival of light” is one of the most recognized festivals in Thailand and probably the most picturesque and beautiful of all Thai celebrations. Each year the festival takes place on the full moon night of the twelfth lunar month and this year will be celebrated on the 10th of November.

All across the country, people head to their nearest water to float their kratongs, a floating base containing a flower, candle and three incense sticks, which are lighted before placed on the water. People usually make a wish at the same time as they float a kratong. Some people believe that if the candle remains alight until the kratong is out of sight, their wish will come true. Especially for the romantic at heart, Loy Kratong is the perfect time to make a wish for happiness together and success in love.

Sareeraya Villas & Suites celebrates Loy Kratong with a sumptuous Thai Barbecue Buffet with more than 40 delicacies to indulge in. As the full moon begins to rise, the ornately-decorated banana leaf floats are set adrift with wishes for success, love and happiness.

Welcome to celebrate this unique festival to Sareeraya Villas & Suites!


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